What is
Empty Set Crypto?

Dynamic Rebase

ESC uses Dynamic Rebase Algorithm with supply to keep price pegged to CRO
When TWAP > 1 CRO (expansion phase), more ESC is minted.
When TWAP < 1 CRO (debt phase), new bond with premium is generated.

Fractional Reserve

Protocol stores part of the expansion fund as reserve treasury. Fractional Reserve helps protocol fast back on expansion track from debt phase.


ESC follows the CRC-20 token standard. This makes it work seamlessly across the decentralized finance infrastructure and reduces the likelihood of unforeseen bugs in integrated protocols.


When Empty Set Crypto protocol works stable, team will make protocol be completely decentralized on-chain governance. Additionally, the protocol launched with 0 initial supply and no pre-mine for the anonymous founding team.

Participate in Governance

Liquidity Providers

The most important parts of protocol will receive 20% expansion amount during expansion phase. The main LPs of protocol are ESC/CRO and DARK/CRO. LP staked will be locked for 2 days. During the waiting time, users will not receive rewards.


Users who stake their ESC in DAO will receive 20% expansion amount during expansion. ESC staked in DAO will be locked for 7 days (in the meantime, stakeholders will not receive reward).


ESC holders can buy Coupons at Debt phase with discount price, they can redeem Coupons for ESC at Expansion Phase. Coupons will expire after 365 days. After that, it's not redeemable.

Protocol Comparison